No Fee. No Touch. A Safer Way to Make Transactions.

There are many ways to conduct transactions, but during the current Covid-19 pandemic few offer the safety and security of contactless payments.

Contactless Payments are not new. In fact, the rest of the world has been using this method to pay for things like subway, train, and bus fares for the past 20 years. Why is it not more prevalent in the U.S. then, you might ask? The simple answer is because not many businesses have the terminals to support this technology.

However, our “No Fee, No Touch” program changes that. We have the terminals, technology, and support staff to provide you with a safe, contactless payment system that speeds up transactions while virtually eliminating your processing fees!

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Why Should I Implement Contactless Payments?

Contactless Payments use Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology. NFC is embedded in the credit or debit card, or mobile device. This allows you to make purchases without ever having to physically touch the terminal. This means no germs are transferred to the card—which means less risk than with pre-coronavirus credit or debit cards.

The coronavirus pandemic has illuminated the need for a contactless payment system—both now and in the future. While this technology is not new, research now shows the growing need for, and implementation of, contactless payment systems.

“Overall, the total number of people using proximity mobile payments in the U.S. this year will grow 9.1% to 64 million,” eMarketer reported in October 2019. “That represents nearly 30% of all U.S. smartphone users.”


Which Cards will Work with Contactless Transactions?

If the card contains an EMV chip and a contactless symbol, then the card is NFC capable. (See Illustrations below.) NFC-capable cards, as well as mobile or digital wallets on Samsung, Apple, and Google smartphones, will work as long as the checkout terminal displays one of these logos:

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What are the Other Benefits of Contactless Transactions?

With Contactless payment, your info is not stored on the chip or a magnetic strip. Instead a randomized, one-time use “token” is communicated to the terminal. A token is a 16-digit encryption code of your primary account number, that is randomized each and every time you complete a transaction.This minimizes and/or eliminates the threat of your data being compromised.

Other benefits of using contactless payments include:

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The Cash Discount Program

With the need for contactless payments at an all time high, POS providers may be tempted to cut corners and fail to provide businesses with the services that they need. We believe that businesses should not be overlooked and that they deserve the ability to virtually eliminate their processing fees.

Why settle for just going contactless when you can provide this new technology while also enjoying the benefits of virtually eliminating your processing fees!

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